Monday, October 04, 2021

October...Day Four

Good evening,

Yesterday my family and I visited The Fourth Annual Mockingbird Lane Halloween Market. I was very excited to venture out and check out the wares. I had recently saw posts from friends at other Halloween maker sort of events and wanted to see unique and "non-production" made seasonal fare.

Unfortunately, it did whet my whistle and my family and I were out of there faster than I would have imagined.  I was expecting something different with a little more decor.  This event was very jewelry and art forward.  Honestly, if I can show up to a place selling Halloween stuff and not find things that move me that's saying something. My younger daughter brought money with her and she left empty handed. Not usual at all. My favorite booth was by Gashly Tentacles Monster Adoption Society. I came close to buying a spider and a goat, but held off. You can visit their Etsy store here.

I had set a calendar reminder to check out the Etsy store of Pulp Novelties and the "Alley Cat" Halloween Lantern that he was selling. He was going to add 9 more cats to his site at 2 pm PT.  I was eyeballing it, but wasn't sure of the price.  I did know that his prior releases had sold out very quickly. I got in prior to the release time and decided to get it.  I can't wait to receive it. Tim Ramzyk's work is amazing. I'll be watching his Etsy store for future releases. Here is Pulp Novelties Etsy store.

Next we decided to head over to the Pottery Barn outlet.  My wife likes to see what arrives there from time to time.  Since we're in the Season there was a couple of  items that were worth picking up.  My wife really loved the "bat guy". 

I'm a sucker for all things pumpkin and getting a terracotta pumpkin made up for the bust at the Halloween market.

When I got home I decided to purchase the t-shirts I had my eyes on from Billy Pollard (The Ghost in You). I bought shirts from my youngest son, daughter and myself.

I got the "Pumpkin People" t-shirt for myself...

the "Ghost Stories" shirt for my daughter...

and the "Trick or Treat Troop" t-shirt for my son. You can find these and more designs here

Overall, it was a great day and I'm happy about adding some great seasonal things to my collection.

What did you do this weekend?  Visit cool places? Buy cool things?

Tell me, tell me...

Mark Harvey

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