Saturday, October 02, 2021

October...Day Two...

Good evening friends and fiends,

Each October I start with great intentions to carve out a bunch of time to do Halloweenie things with my family.  In past years it was hit and miss as work schedules, extra curricular kid activities and life would get in the way.  November 1st would roll around and I'd feel like I had only done a mere portion of what it was I had set out to do.

Well...last night I was determined to start October off with some seasonal viewing.  I started off watching a few episodes of The Munsters. My two youngest claimed they had never watched it before   (I have the boxed set). I decided not to argue.

I had fun explaining the characters and how The Munsters are the "normal" ones on the show (poor Marilyn). Grandpa has always been a favorite character of mine. Al Lewis and his facial expressions are priceless!

This morning my youngest asked when we could continue watching the series.  That made me happy.

After the little one went to bed my wife and older son joined us to watch Ghostbusters.  It had been YEARS since I watched it.  I did a little Common Sense media look up of the movie and decided to allow my 11 year old to watch it. Sure, there were moments that made me cringe a bit, but overall the movie was OK for her. It was fun to watch the movie after all these years.

I'm feeling good. It's October 2nd and I've started the month off with some good seasonal viewing.  Now I have to ensure I continue pushing the seasonal movie viewing agenda!

What makes YOUR list of "must see" Halloween viewing?

Do tell...

Mark Harvey

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