Thursday, December 24, 2020

New Dad Time Out Show - The Year End to End The Year Episode...2020 buh-bye

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Here's the latest Dad Time Out Show for your listening pleasure!

The Year End to End The Year Episode...2020 buh-bye!

"In our last episode of the year we host our final chat on all things seasonal and 2020. They guys share Holiday and New Years memories, talk about the meaning of the Dad Time Out and share stories of their pandemic holiday pivots. MK and CRX both played Santa Claus?? Who knew? Front line worker appreciation, Parent tweets of the week, a Christmas Vacation quiz and so much more! 
We are so grateful to our listeners and the relationships we have built this year as well as with each other. Smile, laugh, relax and enjoy and we'll catch you on the flip side. 
2021 ...Let's do this."
Enjoy the latest show - tell your friends.  This show is for women and men, kids of all's a good time!

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