Thursday, December 10, 2020

December...Day Ten...

Greetings and salutations,

Seems like the common conversation today includes a well check - which is nice, but exhausting as talks of wellness - mentally, physically and sometimes financially - takes precedent over what once was talks of things that I found more uplifting. I miss conversations about travel, music, food, family and fun. With the State of California on another lockdown we are once again strapped with the uncertainty of how we will pull out of the gloom we're mired in. I've said many times that if in 10 years I find that all of the caution I exhibited was for not that I would do it all again.  The safety of those I know and love is far greater than the inconvenience of taking precautions. I am disheartened though by the businesses that struggle and the ones that can no longer survive and shutter permanently. There's so much noise in the media and a person can find themselves jumping from one theory to the next.  I don't think any of us have the full story or know the truth in its entirety.  

I now work at a company that is considered essential.  I have a letter that, if pulled over, I can provide to law enforcement which explains that I am "allowed" to be out and about. As I drive down the roads I'm surprised to see so much traffic. The last time we had a "shelter in place" order the roads were empty. I wonder if fatigue has set in to the level where people just don't care to follow the order.

A level of fatigue has set in with nearly everyone I know or have spoken to.  It is a challenge to discern the best moves for my family. We've taken things very seriously.  The physical and emotional stress on my family is witnessed daily, but I continue to point out our blessings.  So many have it worse than we do, but that is little consolation when talking with the kids.

Here's a little ditty I wrote - an instrumental - that seems fitting.  If you have to go out and about...

"safe travels"

All my best,

Mark Harvey

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