Thursday, November 12, 2020

November...Day Twelve...


Over this past weekend I was sent this photo of an old Screaming Paisleys flyer that I had made for a show at Pony Express Pizza on April 15th, 1988. 

Tony, Dave and I had some great shows at the Pony and I only wish that there were videos of these shows to look back on.  With our "everything is captured on video" culture these days it is hard to believe that I once lived in a world where it was major to get something actually recorded onto video.

The only footage that was taken of us as a band was back at a Sequoia High School "Battle of the Bands". That'd VHS tape was stolen and thus I never got a chance to see it.  There is a video out there of the first line up of The Screaming Paisleys (known as Rhythm and Rhyme), but I can't seem to find that video online any more. I'll keep looking.

Have a listen to our only LP, a real throwback for me.  Last time I spent some time with Tony he and I ran through a few of the old tunes. 

I'm hoping someday to get together with Tony and a drummer and play these songs again.  Until then I'll await the next gem to show up in my inbox. Thank you, Liz for sending this flyer over to me.


Mark Harvey

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