Wednesday, November 04, 2020

I'm a cat person

Hi there, promised I'm going to attempt to blog more regularly and not just about Halloween. Tonight's subject is cats. I've owned quite a few cats.  I've always considered myself a cat person.  It isn't that I don't like dogs, but they require much more attention and care.  Cats, although sometimes aloof, are much more my speed. I've only owned one dog in my life - I've lived with other people's dogs. Dogs are a lot of fun and are really members of the family which is wonderful if you have the time and space for that.

I own two cats -sisters - and my kids love them. They've already claimed their "person" and overall they're good cats. I enjoy seeing them romp around the house and play.  Dora, pictured to the right, is always up and waiting for me as I get ready to go to work.  I don't think I'm her person, but she likes to hang out with me.  She'll sit in the kitchen while I make dinner and talk to me.

Charlotte is definitely my older son's cat (he's claimed he's taking her to college with him).  She is more reclusive and spends most of her time in his room or sitting in a downstairs window.  She'll come upstairs to eat, see what's going on and sometimes sun herself in the living room.  Both cats love open windows so they'll spend time on window sills catching some fresh air and sun.  Both are indoor cats as I made a promise to the lady I adopted them from to keep them indoors (they are both fixed).

There were years I didn't have a cat. When Jay moved into my house in the Sunset District of SF he brought Spim the cat.  She loved listening to us play guitar and sing.  Charlotte is a lot like Spim. She listens to my son play piano and she even likes to get on the keys and try her hand (paws) at playing.

I wrote an entire album about Spim the cat - Songs for Spim. Have a listen:

Have a nice evening,

Mark Harvey

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