Monday, November 02, 2020

November...October is over...

Greetings and salutations,

Well...October is over.  I have to say this was the strangest Halloween season I've ever lived through. I think everyone feels this year is the strangest year of their lives so there's that.

This year I felt that Halloween took a major backseat to life - work, family, etc... That bums me out since (as I've said before) Halloween IS like my Christmas (I like Christmas too, but...).  There's little emphasis on Halloween at my home whereas Christmas is a BIG deal.  We all pitch in, pull out boxes, decorate for Christmas.  Halloween is usually just me, alone.  

I realized that I don't do a good job enlisting help though -  so I'll need to do a better job of that next year.  In the end I did pull out a few more props (as guided by my two littlest ones). I got to spend the day listening to Halloween music, decorated a little more, carved pumpkins, drank some pumpkin beers, prepped some dinner for a family that joined us and watched some Halloween programming. We had a really good day all in all.

The full moon was amazing.  The street was silent. I prepared for trick-or-treaters, but we don't get them anyhow. I spent some time before going to sleep checking in on my friends via social media.  I was surprised to see the Halloween festivities elsewhere.  We folks in California - and maybe the Bay Area more specifically - really kept it low key from what I could tell. I saw A LOT of big, big, BIG celebrations going on. I just hope everyone stays healthy and safe.

So the good news is that we're all healthy, we had a good night and I'll be in a better frame of mind next year - seeking help from my family to help me get things set up (before Halloween).

How was your Halloween? Do you venture out or keep your social distance?

The photos are of the pumpkins we carved this year and the beverages I enjoyed.  Jack O'Lanterns are my favorite part of Halloween.  I'm hoping these last a little while this week so I can enjoy them a little longer.

Since October is over my flurry of posts will subside for a bit. If you joined me for October, thank you.

Signing off,

Mark Harvey

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