Friday, October 30, 2020

October...Day Thirty (part two...almost Halloween!!!)

It's Halloween Eve!

For years I created Halloween compilation CDs (it was TOTALLY my jam).  I've failed to do so for a handful of years now so I thought I would post this again (the link for the 2016 edition) for those who have not had a chance to download it.

So...did you want a copy of my Halloween compilation CD?

Download it here.

Drop me a note and let me know you downloaded it.  Let me know what you think of the track listing and the new mopehead song "fallen".

Happy Halloween!

Mark Harvey

October...Day Thirty...

Greetings guys and ghouls,

Sixteen years ago today I married my wife.  We both would have preferred to pick a different day for our wedding anniversary since there's always so much to do to get ready for Halloween (if you're like me) and our anniversary doesn't get the attention it deserves.

This year is unique for many reasons.  Lots going on and things are just going to be different this year.  Even so, we will find a way to celebrate our 16 years of married life together.

I love you honey, Happy Anniversary.

So since we're talking October brides...have a listen to "October's Bride" off  Rain Station's DARK RIDE CD.

If you've not taken the time to check out the DARK RIDE videos, please do. Visit or click the links below....
and the BONUS track "IT'S HALLOWEEN"

Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife and Happy 30th of October. TOMORROW is THE day! HALLOWEEN PEOPLE!!!!

Mark Harvey

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