Friday, October 25, 2019

October 25th, 2019...

Imagine taking the helpless feeling of being trapped within a nightmare and putting it to music and sound. Imagine pulling those fearful feelings from the cobwebs of your darkest dreams and having them at your fingertips. Within moments you will find that the evil places that you thought had washed away with the light of a new morning didn't vanish as you had hoped... they simply waited until they could find you alone once again.
Like an audio mist the music and sound of Pumpkinland II will envelop your heart and cause each breath you take to feel as though it might just be your last. With each beat your spirit will see the false hopes of happy endings die as you learn that only nightmares tell the truth. Each track on this horrific soundscape is in itself its own realm waiting to take your imagination on a journey your fear helps to create. Are you one of the souls who loves to travel along the edge of dangers unseen?
To explore the mystery and magic of the night?
Let your mind take a trip deep into the darkness...

You may never return.

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey

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