Friday, February 08, 2019

Failures, absence and sales


Not sure if anyone reads this blog any more...I know I am hardly here.  I used to be here ALL THE TIME, but over years many things that I did regularly have fallen off in support of other ventures, other responsibilities...

2018 was a crappy year overall. I failed to  make a Halloween compilation CD (a streak I had that was 19 years running) and I failed to make a Christmas compilation CD (ending after a 20 year run). I started the process of seeking employment outside the house again and realized that even though the market is strong, it takes people at my level MONTHS to land interviews and then a long time after interviews to a get job offer (I am still waiting and hoping for job offers).

I have been inspired to make changes over the past several months - eating habits, mentality and other very positive changes. Today I finally decided to stop putting off one of the MOST important changes I need to make - de-cluttering my world.  I knew that I had to stop letting things get in my way of starting - set a goal and work towards that goal every day! Why am I here saying any (and all) of this? Because YOU can help me.

Today (on eBay) I am putting up a TON of my old t-shirts. They're from L to XXL in size and most of them have been taken VERY good care of (I do the laundry and hang dry them so they don't shrink or fade - much). Have a look here and see if there's something that you'd like and BID on.  Send the link to friends who might want to sport these cool (and vintage) t-shirts.  Most of them are over 20 years old.

There are band t-shirts, sports t-shirts, beer and brewery t-shirts and lots of Halloween t-shirts.  Here are some of the ones I'm putting up for sale today. Check my eBay page as I plan to keep posting stuff over the  next few weeks.

Thank you for reading...drop a comment...say a prayer for me...send good vibes or whatever you do.

Much appreciated. I'm on a roll and I'll be back here - leaner, stronger, happier and healthier. Come along with me! The next chapter will be a blast!

Mark Harvey

Check out the listings!

Dark Riders t-shirt

Halloween Town t-shirt

Boston and Salem Beer Works Pumpkinhead Ale t-shirt

Wizard Brewing Company San Leandro Glow in the Dark Vintage t-shirt

Nike Oakland Raiders XXL t-shirt Vintage NFL

Alexandria Bay New York Skull and Crossbones XL Vintage t-shirt

Spirit Halloween Superstore XL t-shirt

Vintage Bela Lugosi Dracula XL t-shirt Vampire Halloween Horror

Home Haunters of America H.H.O.A. XL t-shirt Haunter Halloween Horror

Vintage Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights 1997 XL t-shirt

Japanese Dragon Large t-shirt 100% Cotton Mint Condition Made in Japan
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