Tuesday, November 01, 2016

November 1st...the sights of Halloween 2016...

Greetings all,

Today I reflect on the sights (and sounds) of last evening.

Today's post is mostly sights...
Carving Jack O'Lanterns is always a good time and two of my four kids helped.  I honestly can't get enough photos of Jack O'Lanterns.
These three guarded my house from spooks last night.  They stood guard and did a wonderful job.
Trick or Treatin'....
O.P.P. (other people's pumpkins),,,
I'm a huge fan of these types of shots.  Front doors, decorations and Trick or Treaters.  I love Trick or Treating (well, now accompanying kids while they do it).  It doesn't take much to fill me full of joy on Halloween.  Some webs, some lights...
...some cheesy skulls and a gravestone.  Seriously...this type of thing just warms my heart.
This house scared my daughter...she said it was because of the big spider.
Loved this house's display.  The lady that owned the place thought it was a little strange that I was taking a picture of her front window.  I told her it was because "I like what you did with the place".
I'll end this blog post with some more photos of my Jack O'Lanterns.

The trio that guarded my house.
I like to creep around.  Just stare at kids and stand in front of the houses my kids are Trick or Treating at.  I don't talk much except to wish people a "Happy Halloween".  This year I wore the cheap skull mask I picked up at The 99 cent Store and black gloves.  I almost always wear my skeleton shirt, pants and shoes.

And today is November 1st...10:31 am...and I'm a little bit bummed...

Had a fun Season of blogging - hope those that read it enjoyed it.

Until next year...

Mark Harvey

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