Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24th...

Good morning,

It is really hard to believe that Halloween is a week away.  I'm a sucker for blow mold Halloween stuff.  I broke out a handful of items to show the kids and my youngest (who is 21 months) LOVES the stuff.  He's got his own Jack O'Lantern bucket for Trick or Treatin', but it may not last until Halloween.  He's been using the bucket for transporting all sorts of things.
The haystack pumpkins are a particular favorite of mine.  A perfect combination of pumpkin, witch and harvest.  These are great since they were made the year I was born - 1969.

I'm not just a fan of pumpkins.  Ghosts (and skeletons) are favorites of mine. Combine a ghost, a pumpkin and a skull and you've got something.
This little guy is pretty awesome. Glows nicely and looks great at night.
Another of my smaller blow mold ghosts - looks great at night and can't be beat with the ghost/pumpkin combination.
I have a zillion (literally...don't talk to my wife about it) light up Jack O'Lanterns.  Here's just a couple that I took out for the Season.  The goal is to have a display that is littered with dozens (and dozens) of these guys.  You can't help smiling when you see the lovely glow.

One week from tonight...Trick or Treatin' and in honor of that tradition here's an incredible track from Rain Station's DARK RIDE..."Trick or Treatin'"...

Happy Haunting!

Mark Harvey

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