Wednesday, October 05, 2016

October 5th...

Good morning boils and ghouls,

It is hard this time of year to not go completely bananas once all the cool Halloween stuff starts hitting the shelves. I have become pretty savvy and the style in which I decorate much more defined over the many, many years of adding on new things.

Northern California doesn't have a year-round Halloween store unlike Southern California's Halloween Club (here).

I often wonder if the Bay Area could/would support a place that sells Halloween items all year long.

There ARE folks like me who anticipate the stocking of the shelves with great glee and perhaps it is better that we have to wait for this once-a-year treat.

I'm not planning on bringing much stuff home -  just some essentials and of course the Halloween food items that show up once a year.

What has surprised me a great deal is the arrival of Christmas items IN SEPTEMBER. I mean, really retailers...SEPTEMBER?

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey

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