Thursday, September 15, 2016

Halloween Approaches


This is only my second blog post of the year...  It has been a VERY interesting year for sure and now that we're getting close to October I figured I'd dust off my blogging fingers and get ready for the month long spree as well as the "plan" to blog more often.

This year has seen the ending of my job - laid off at the end of June from a job I had planned on staying at until retirement.  A blessing overall, but now I'm unemployed and seeking a new gig. All job offers will be considered so pass my name along, let me know if you know of any good jobs...etc...

A while back I had posted about "Family Ancestry" (here) and since have learned that I had the birth Father thing totally wrong. Yesterday I met my birth Father in person for the first time and it was great.  I am hopeful that we'll continue to see each other (and the extended families) from here on out.  The "who am I" picture is now complete and other than some serious catching up I'm on to the next leg of this life journey.

So, stay tuned as I am getting ramped up for Halloween.  Be sure to have a listen to my


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