Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 27th...

Greetings friends and fiends,

I don't typically eat fast food - rarely really, but during the Halloween season when they have cool kids toys with their meals I can't hold back...

I came to the party a little late for most of the cool toys, but I did manage to get Frank from Hotel Transylvania 2. It seems that over the years more and more fast food restaurants are doing away with toys in their meals.  As I parent I get it - you don't want your kids to want to eat fast food so they can get the toy, but as an adult who loves monster toys...well, you get it...

If you happen to see any fast food places that have cool kids toys make sure to drop me a line.October is a great month to just throw it all out the window...eat candy, fast food and everything else that you'd probably think twice about eating (as much of or at all) any other time of the year.

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey

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