Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19th...

Greetings and salutations,

Each year I (try) to put out a Halloween mix CD.  I make the mix unique, flow together nicely and never repeat the same song from the same artist.

I usually grab some art or photo off the internet, so if someone wants to claim this year's art/photo please know that I make no money on the mix and copies of it only go to a handful of my "Halloweenie" friends. I'd be happy to change the photograph if someone is concerned with my use of it.

Finally, I try and get one of my tracks on the disc and this year I'm excited that the track placed on this mix is a new original track called "i love halloween" by mopehead.

Here's this year's track list...

Raise The Dead - Hollywood Vampires
Black Wine Of The Owl - Gateway Drugs
Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) - Concrete Blonde
The Living Dead - Phantom Planet
Show Me Your Fangs - Matt Nathanson
The Killing Season - Mark Lanegan Band
Creepy Doll - Jonathan Coulton
Haunted When The Minutes Drag - Love & Rockets
So Haunted - Cut Copy
Exquisite Corpse – Shriekback
Thriller - Easy Star All-Stars
Batty Dub – DJNoNo
Do the Zombie - Mr. Baseman & the Symbols
Voodoo Woman - Simon Stokes & The Nighthawks
Theme from 'The Munsters' - Jimmy Smith
Castin' My Spell - The Spellbinders
Graveyard Creep - James Duhon
Roland - Billy & the Dukes
I Walked With a Zombie - R.E.M.

i love halloween - mopehead

Happy Haunting!

Mark Harvey

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