Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 15th...FDA warns against ‘illegal’ colored contact lenses for Halloween

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Years ago I purchased some colored contact lenses for Halloween.  I really liked the way they looked, but they were incredibly uncomfortable.  Since I had lasik eye surgery I decided to not wear them again fearing they'd mess up my corrected vision.

I did get the OK from my eye doctor, but this article (here) does not surprise me. "Even though Halloween approaches, consumers shouldn't let a good deal or great costume blind them to the dangers of counterfeit decorative contact lenses," James Dinkins, executive associate director of the Homeland Security Investigations, said in a statement. "What's truly scary is the damage these counterfeit lenses can do to your eyes for a lifetime."

Now I know the article is talking about counterfeit contact lenses, but the "real" ones I purchased from a reputable online source led me to stop wearing them.

Contacts should always be fitted to you as everyone's eyes are different. If I ever do decide to get decorative lenses again I'll get them through my optometrist.

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey

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