Monday, October 05, 2015

October 5th...

Greetings friends and fiends,

I tend to hold back early in October on purchases since I already have so much stuff and I like to wait until the end of the month and get what's leftover on sale.

Recently I found these two "props" at Walmart and decided due to the price to just pick them up now.  In years past these haven't been leftover on November 1st and since I have the "worst Halloween house ever" - in terms of decorating - I wanted to grab these since they're perfect for what I can decorate.

I bought two, but think I should consider buying a few more as I want to "plant" these all over the hillside in front of my home.  I always get a little worried about putting props out front (theft, weather), but having a bunch of Halloween stuff just sitting in my garage is silly.

When my wife decorates for Christmas we have it up from early December until mid to late January.  I didn't get anything put up this past weekend, but I believe I will work in earnest to get the place set up next weekend so we can enjoy my favorite holiday for a few weeks (at least).

How do you decorate your house?  Do you leave your props up and outside the whole month?

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey

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