Saturday, October 03, 2015

October 3rd...

Greetings fellow fiends,

Yesterday when I was running errands I picked up some Betty Crocker Halloween fruit snacks to put in my kids' lunches.  I enjoy seeing all the Halloween themed items in stores, but wonder why they stop at outer packaging.  If I want to buy a "monster pack" of chips at least put monsters on the individual bags of chips, you know?

That's why I dig these fruit snacks so much.  Not only is the outer packaging great (pumpkin), but the snacks come is cool Halloween shapes!

My kids like fruit snacks and I like the fact that they are festive.  My daughter had a pack while I was taking pictures of them and she said she likes the flavors, the colors, the shapes and she'll like taking them to school since she likes to celebrate Halloween all month long (wonder where she gets that from).

Betty Crocker makes these fun fruit snacks and has a website with fun ideas for spooky Halloween fruit snacks here.
If you find any other snacks or foods that are as cool as these, please comment.  I'd like to fill their lunches with as many cool Halloween things as possible.

Happy haunting...

Mark Harvey

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