Thursday, October 01, 2015

Holy Mackerel...October 1st!

Sheesh is October 1st and I begin to think of my "blogging every day of October...or the 31 days of Halloween".  This is just a quick post to say, yes, I'll be at it again...posting pictures, music, thoughts and some reposts when I'm slammed at life and can't get to posting "fresh" material.

I've begun lurking in stores...enjoying the Halloween stuff, but haven't purchased (much) as I have a glut of Halloween goods and hardly a place to decorate (queue "worst Halloween house ever story").

And speaking of "Worst Halloween House Ever" thoughts...I guess I should retrace my posts on here to see if I've ever lamented about how horrible my house is (for Halloween mind you, it is a nice place).

Anyhow, Happy October people! This month is for us...the ones that love Halloween.  Get yer spook on!

Lovely yours,

Mark Harvey

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