Friday, May 30, 2014

Jay E Moores

Hello friends,

Today is Jay's birthday...he turns 50. 

It is amazing.  I have known Jay since I was around 19 years old (and that's A LONG time).  Jay has been more than a best friend - he's been more like a brother. I have long respected him.

We've been through a lot of interesting things - both together and apart. I honestly don't know where I'd be in my life if it weren't for Jay.  He has always lived a life without excuses - pushing limits and boundaries and getting the best out of everyone around him. I have benefitted from his take on life.

I miss him terribly now that he's in Maine, but I know we will always be together in spirit.  I know we'll "ride again" whether that's doing the SOB Puppet Hour as Hoagie Malone and mopehead or recording a new Rain Station album.
It may have been the fall of 1988 when I first met Jay.  He was renting a room in Berkeley, CA where my friend Tony Iuppa was living.  I would make treks to Berkeley often and would hang out with Jay every now and again.  A few years later Jay and I began working on projects together.  He put some of my music in his science fiction movie The Anemic Butcher, I got to be an extra in that movie, we did some episodes of The Mark Harvey Show and we worked on what became Rain Station's first album, Criminal Goat. Playing music together and getting weird led him to eventually move into a room I had in the house I was renting in the Sunset district of San Francisco (this in 1993).  
Six official album releases, a TV show, a Puppet Hour and a lifelong friend is what Jay is to me.

Please join me in wishing Jay a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Mark Harvey
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