Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Today I am thinking about what Memorial Day means to me.

When I was a kid my Dad would take me to Memorial Day services at a local military graveyard.
He taught me to respect our Veterans and what they gave to ensure our way of life.
He was in WWII, the Captain of a mine sweeper (Navy) and his job was to sweep the bays and waterways of the East Coast.
He had some pretty harrowing stories to tell.

His Navy experience was always with him.

We'd go to Fleet Week (in SF) and tour the ships almost every year.

I understand now that due to his rank we got tours that ordinary people would never get.
He was very proud to serve his Country and I am very grateful that he did. He instilled a love our Country in me that I hope to pass on to my kids.

My Father is buried in the San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery.

Mark Harvey
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