Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29th

Well, well, well...

Here I am again.  Two more days until Halloween and tonight's post sort of stumped me.  I have a bunch of photos and Halloween on the brain, but I just wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to write about.  So tonight I'm going to post them pictures, place links to songs and just not get worked up about tonight's post since it is nearly Halloween and I just wanna have FUN.

Check it out!

On Friday night I visited Sulphur Creek Nature Center's Unhaunted House (here) and had a great time.  My wife and son were volunteering there in the game area so my littlest one and I got to tour the "Unhaunted House" and see all sorts of cool animals (and Super Heroes).  The game area (like a carnival) had lots of fun Halloween themed games and it was a good time for everyone.  The big horned owl was my favorite animal.
They had lots of carved pumpkins.
I'd have to say one of my favorite things about Halloween is Jack O'Lanterns.  Sulphur Creek had lots of real carved pumpkins on posts lining the walkways.
Someone put a lot of time into these as there were not only faces, but designs.
My kids got their annual fill of Rain Station "DARK RIDE" videos and thanks to my Wii I was able to play them on the big TV.
"Trick or Treatin'" seems to be their favorite video of the bunch.  You can watch it here.
Mine has to be "Haunted Man".  Check it out here. They are all really good though (in my opinion). Jack O'Lantern dot org (here) is the place to watch them all - see which one you like the best!
I got some decorating done with the help of my son.
There are a few props I don't mind leaving out before Halloween.
We had some crazy wind on Sunday night and my witch broke so I had to find a way to display her even though her base broke.
Inside the house I set up a backdrop and just a few "folks" (for now).
The Corn Stalker I bought is HUGE and scared the heck out of the kids until we had another talk about why we use Jack O'Lanterns and how they are our friends...here to protect us...
I do have some goofy things around, but it makes the house look festive.

So, that's it for tonight.  I'll leave you with a couple tracks to listen to...and please do listen to them and if you like them, download the tracks.

The kids like...
and I like...
What do YOU like?

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