Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 27th

Oh my, my, my...

We're getting SO close to Halloween! I'm working on making sure my house is ready for the two or three trick or treaters I'll get on Thursday night.  Seriously...I MIGHT get six total, but probably less.  It has hampered me - I won't lie.

Many years ago while living in a different community I would have 600+ trick or treaters so the severe dip in TOTs is disappointing.  Plus, my house (which I've been living in for a while now) is (as I've dubbed it) "The Worst Halloween House EVER".  My house is cool and I'm OK with living there EXCEPT for the month of October.  I can't decorate the front since I live on a hill that is covered with foliage.  Really, it is just not working for me.

So every year when I buy more Halloween "stuff" it is odd (I admit it) since I don't have any place to put it (storage or out for display).  Needless to say that doesn't stop me (it should).  I do dream of one day being able to have it all out and set up a nice home haunt again.

Here's a few cool things I saw while shopping this season that have made it onto my "I'll buy it if it is 50% off  (or more) list". Maybe...that is...just maybe...

I honestly don't know what I like this one.  The "Pumpkin Nester Animated Decoration" sells at Spirit Halloween for $179.99 and I think that's a bit steep. So if they have this guy and it is $90 I may...MAY pick it up.  Not sure really.  You gotta hang this thing from something and that sort of limits the use (in my case).
I dig the Airblown stuff a lot and needless to say this "Pumpkin Reaper" caught my eye, but at $39.99 I just wasn't ready to committ.  I saw this at CVS (or Walgreens or Rite Aid or something) and then found it online at Spirit Halloween for $29.99.  If I can find this one for $15 - $20 I'll probably pick it up.  I'm a sucker for pumpkin things (if you haven't noticed).
I guess we'll see what's around on November 1st.  Until then I'm going to dig out a select pile of items and get the place ready for whoever comes over to see it all.

In the meantime, have a listen to a song of mine called "Helping Haunters".

Happy haunting!

Mark Harvey

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