Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 26th

Creepings and salutations,

A friend recently posted on Facebook about having been "Boo-ed!" so my wife asked her, "What's Boo-ed?". Well, she posted a link and I'm sharing it here since I think it is a fun idea. Check out the website here and read below...

"You must be here because you have just been BOOed by the Phantom Ghost or want to start a BOO reaction in your neighborhood or at the work place. Sometimes also called "You've Been Ghosted".

It's simple really. Print a Color or Black & White "BOO" sheet and include it with a delicious treat. Leave it on someone's door step, ring the bell, and Run Run Run!

If you have been Boo'ed, cut out the ghost and place it on or near your door so you won't be Boo-ed again.

Before long you will have a neighborhood full of ghosts!"

Sounds like fun!  Pass it along!

Mark Harvey

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