Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 19th name is Mark Harvey...and I love Halloween. There's something about the month of October that makes me extra happy.  In most conversations I have with folks that I've just met the subject of Halloween eventually comes up. It is interesting to see a person's reaction to my love of the holiday.  I try and keep low-key about it, but it is hard to hide my passion for it. I have found it is better to ease people into it versus just telling them that 1/2 of my garage is filled with Halloween stuff and I dream of owning my own Halloween themed amusement park, brewery and...and...and...

Most days at lunch during October I poke around stores and see what there is to buy. And then I photograph what I buy (or plan to buy) and put the photos up here. Originally I started this blog to talk about music - only, but it has evolved to include my thoughts on things, videos, beer, Halloween recipes, and whatever else suits me.
In the beginning, Mark Harvey's World was only about...MUSIC and this is why.

Years ago...many years ago, I created Halloween Radio (here) in an attempt to find a track from the anniversary edition CD of Disney's Haunted Mansion - a special 13th track that was not available on the original release - they had only made 999 of the discs and they were only available at a special invite only Haunted Mansion celebration. I did eventually find the 13th track, but , with the prompting of my buddy Jay I put up TONS of Halloween music....more than 13 broadcasts (I think I had about 20+). Eventually the broadcasts died due to Live365's move towards expensive PAID broadcasts. And since I couldn't float that kind of dough for what was more of a community service, years of uploading and DJing went down the drain. Now, Halloween Radio streams my own music as well as music from other artists that I am friends with.
To start this season out right, please have a listen to some of the music. Click the "PLAY" button and have some fun. I know lots of folks that listen at work, or all day. If you want to hear a specific broadcast, please go to Halloween Radio and click a broadcast. Today is October 19th people...GET LISTENING!
You can also stream music from the various BandCamp pages I have as well.  For my Pumpkinland CDs and Fleshrot - click here.  For Rain Station's DARK RIDE CD - click here. For unreleased mopehead tracks - many of them are Halloween tracks - click here.

Have listen and download something if you like it.  That'd be cool.
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