Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14th

Greetings friends and fiends,

Typically I spend my lunch break going to the gym, but during the month of October I get majorly distracted.  I want to visit each and every store that carries Halloween goods to see what I need to try and buy post-Halloween (or what I need to buy now and just deal with the markup).  Below are some items I knuckled under and bought now, but in some cases I got a good enough deal to live with the end price.

The minute I saw Monkey Chimes on Spirits' Facebook page I knew I needed to have it.  I waited until I got a good enough coupon and even though I didn't get 50% off like I would have if I waited for November 1st I feel pretty good about having this now.  A prop as cool as this would probably be hard to source post-Halloween.  Of course, if I do happen to find another one on November 1st I might just buy it.

I found this animated crow in a cage at Target.  Here's another prop that I saw on Facebook (posted by a friend) and I didn't want to wait to pick this up either.  I had to go to three Target stores to find it, but I did.  The commercial description (here) - "The Animated Crow in a Cage will add a foreboding effect to your Halloween d├ęcor. Hang him inside or out and give your guests and trick-or-treaters an eerie welcome. Perched in his cage, this crow makes realistic motions that give an extra-sinister effect. This crow is a must-have for your haunted house or costume party."  Awesome!

Rite Aid had two for one on lighting so...

I got two of these.


And this.

I found this guy at CVS. It lights up RED.  Super heavy duty.  They only had one so I feel the need to source another. I like having things like this in pairs.

Finally, I have this guy coming to me.  Another item I was thinking about waiting on, but I got a good deal on it and it fits my theme.

By the way, my theme is always (and has always been) Pumpkinland.  Pumpkin, skeletons and ghosts.  Nothing bloody.  Just spooky.

Speaking of Pumpkinland...
Happy Haunting!

Mark Harvey

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