Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 12th

Creepings and salutations,

I really dig this time of year (if you haven't noticed) and even though year after year the selection at stores seems smaller, I still manage to find (and buy) treats.  Some items I hold off on and hope to purchase on November 1st while others I just knuckle down and buy now for fear they won't last.

Here's a little photo gallery of Halloween games I've picked up this season:

You can't go wrong with Halloween bingo!

Boooo-opoly!  I haven't cracked this open yet, but I am VERY MUCH looking forward to playing this. I found this game on Amazon.

Doorways to Horror - The VCR game!  Yes, I still have a VCR and YES I am looking forward to playing this one soon.  Probably this weekend. I picked this up on eBay.

I'll post more pics of shopping extravaganzas as the month progresses.

Have you purchased any Halloween games this year?  Let me know so I can source them.  There's only one time of year to stock up on this great stuff!

Seasons creepings!

Mark Harvey

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