Thursday, June 06, 2013

If I Were...

Good evening,

Tonight's track is "If I Were" taken from the Instrumental mopehead CD.

Instrumental mopehead is a collection of songs that I was just too lazy to put lyrics to (or maybe they sounded better without words?).  Either way, this disc has been pretty popular with folks who are looking for soundtrack music for various film, video and TV projects.

I'm always happy to hear one of my tracks placed somewhere so if you're looking for a track and find it within my catalog of songs please let me know.  All I ask is that the track be credited properly and that a link to where the song can be purchased is placed somewhere in the credits.

"If I Were"...think of the possibilities. "If I Were"....imagine what could be done. Think about "if you were" and realize it. What holds you back?

Have a great evening,

 Mark Harvey
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