Friday, May 24, 2013

Some Time

Good evening,

I am posting a song that hadn't made it onto Bandcamp before now (which surprised me).

I have written a lot of music...lots of it and I try to get as many of my songs up and online for folks to listen to. I guess "Some Time" missed out...until tonight.

"Some Time" was written a while time ago. Officially it is now on "Unreleased mopehead". I guess the songs on "Unreleased mopehead" are technically released since the tunes ARE available (but I digress). it is...the official online release of mopehead's "Some Time". Please have a listen:

I hope to spend some time this weekend with my wife and kids and enjoy the long weekend.

What are your plans?

Hopefully this tune will start your weekend off right.


Mark Harvey
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