Friday, January 04, 2013

Stanley Rockbottom

Good evening friends,

Tonight I am posting an old song taken from "instrumental mopehead" called "Stanley Rockbottom".  This is an instrumental (which is why it is on the CD it is on), but the track does have lyrics.  I just never recorded the vocals, got lazy and here we are.

This isn't an indication of how I'm doing...I'm doing very well, thank you.  2013 is starting out very well and with "13" being my favorite number I plan to make this a VERY good year!

The tune is VERY short so please give it a listen...vibe out to it...relax...breathe...ah....

I do hope the New Year brings with it a chance to record some new music soon. I bought a new acoustic guitar and am eager to record with it.  I bought this lovely new guitar over at Gelb Music (here) - a wonderful independently owned music shop in Redwood City, CA.   I bought a Breedlove Atlas Solo C350/CRe, Acoustic-Electric Guitar.  It sounds amazing and soon you'll be able to hear it.

Have a wonderful evening!

Mark Harvey
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