Monday, November 05, 2012

In case you missed it...

The San Francisco Giants WON the World Series!!!

I'm not sure how I feel about baseball going DEEP into October since Halloween is my favorite holiday and baseball conflicts, but I'll take a Giants IN the World Series and a Giants WINNING the World Series any time. Orange and Black October, yes!!!

Much has been made of my dual love of the Giants and the Oakland A's by co-workers and friends and I've told this story countless times.  I was RAISED a Giants fan on the Peninsula (a part of the SF Bay Area).  As a kid I attended both A's and Giants games, but more Giants than A's.  When playing baseball I was always a Giant, never an Athletic.

Years have past since my youth and I had a portion of season tickets for the Giants, but the vibe wasn't the same as at Candlestick.  Yeah, the digs were nicer, but the fan base was lacking.  I started going to more A's games and liked the vibe in Oakland.  It reminded me of the old Candlestick days.

Since my Dad raised me to be fans of ALL Bay Area teams I saw no problem with liking both teams. I began going to more A's games than Giants games.  It was easier since I live in the East Bay and my wife is a die-hard A's fan.  I root for both teams and when they play against each other during inter league play I root for the home team.  No big deal.

Well, for some reason some folks feel that I need to CHOOSE which team is MY team.  They say I can't be a fan of both teams.  This conversation also goes into football season as well...I'm a BAY AREA sports fan and Raider and 49er fans do not co-exist.  Oh well, I'll be me and you be you and don't tell me who I can or cannot be a fan of.

This video hit today and I wanted to post the end of the day the Giants were my first favorite team and will always be.

Mark Harvey
a Bay Area Sports Fan

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