Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treatin'


Well, it is THAT time again.  Time to head out and go trick or treatin' with the kids.  This is probably one of my favorite pastimes. I can vividly recall the days back in San Carlos roaming the hills in search of candy.  Oh to be a kid again.  Trick or treatin' sure ain't what it once was.  Well, maybe in your town, but not around where I live.
So, what's your night look like?  Whatcha up to?

Happy Halloween friends, fiends, ghouls and creeps!

Mark Harvey

The Brilliance of Jason Willis


I couldn't resist another Halloween day hit. This for a great cause.

Jason Willis is an incredible artist and this will be the third time I'm writing about his work (here and here).

I first watched this latest video for The Heavy "Can't Play Dead" yesterday and I can't get enough. You won't be able to either.

Check it out:

and just for good measure here his other video set to  "Halloween" by Kay Lande and Wade Denning.

THIS, my friends, is GREAT Halloween video work.  I hope that someday I can afford to hire Jason to put some of my music to video.  Amazing, magical and brilliant!

Happy haunting!

Mark Harvey

Jack O'Lantern - FREE HALLOWEEN MP3!!!


What would Halloween be without a treat, right?  Well, here's a new mopehead track for you.  "Jack O'Lantern" was recorded over this past weekend and my daughter, Samantha, wrote most of the lyrics (with some adjustments and changes done by me).  She's not a fan of the vocal tracks so most likely after Halloween I'll make some adjustments and this will be a "rare" pre-release version (yeah, right).
This is downloadable for FREE today, on Halloween.

Happy haunting,

Mark Harvey

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