Monday, October 29, 2012

Spirit Halloween Superstore


I took a trip to my local Spirit Halloween Superstore (check out Spirit's website here).  Unlike my visit to Halloween City I found a few things that would work into my Halloween scene, but not many.
This pumpkin head is RIGHT up my alley. Cool head prop that I may pick up after Halloween.
Here's another prop that I liked and will possibly pick up after Halloween.
This one had an old school Halloween vibe that I liked a lot.  Another item on my post Halloween shopping list.

I also really liked the Headless Horseman (of course due to the pumpkin). Another prop I'll keep my eyes out for on my post Halloween shopping adventure.

What always surprises me is the amount of props they have that DON'T work in the store.  I know the "step here" pads are being hit constantly, but if you want to sell your animatronic props you REALLY need to make sure they're working.  I have decided to not purchase animatronics from Spirit since the last one I bought was junky and doesn't work at all.  Static props only and I'll leave the animatronics to the experts (like my buddy Brent Ross at Devious Concoctions here).

What cool new props did you buy this season (or on sale after last season)?

Happy haunting,

Mark Harvey

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