Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkinland III


As Halloween draws closer have you given any thought to what you might be playing on Halloween night? Whether you have a Halloween party or you're just getting set up for the onslaught of Trick or Treaters, you want to set the mood, right?

You may want to consider Pumpkinland III. Here are some reviews:

Rue Morgue Magazine
"For Pumpkinland III, Harvey tinkers with his formula and ends up drawing a troubled musical soundscape, plagued by unsettling noises. He gets close on Rites and hits the mark on Nocturne and on Graveyard. The CD has an even flow to it and is easily the best in the series. Again, more suited for haunted attractions, but the few truly cold blooded readers out there might enjoy putting this on a Saturday morning."

Underground Entertainment
"Nail down your props because here comes another edition of Pumpkinland, just released in time for HALLOWEEN from Nobody Records! As with the previous Pumpkinland CDs, this offering provides seven tracks (totaling 48 minutes) of synthesized terror with bass ranges so low it'll rattle your walls. Track titles include Procession, Rites, Nocturne, Nightmare and more. Fasten down all of your breakable items because this one will shake them off the shelves. What Mark Harvey continues to do best with these CDs is to make effective use of low tones...the sort that are felt but not heard. These types of tones have been psychologically proven to unnerve customers without having to do anything else. As a matter of fact, on the title track (Pumpkinland III) there are times that I felt the low tones go all the way through me and hit my spine. If you enjoyed the previous editions of Pumpkinland, then part three is a "must have". It's also the most professionally packaged of the trio, sporting a very cool image on the color cover."

Happy Halloween Magazine
"Nobody Records scores again with Pumpkinland III, a great follow-up to Pumpkinland I and II. Here you'll find tracks that help provide a haunted mood with deep, low bass tones that compliment rather than overpower a Halloween setting"

Chaotic Order
"From out of nowhere, very spooky, comes this fairly simple soundscape which only differs from many of the others through the CO doorway by including some delectably odd Halloween related samples."

The immediate download of this 7-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire can be found here.  Have a listen before you purchase:
Happy haunting!

Mark Harvey

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