Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Good evening,

Tonight's song is about kitty love. More specifically Spim the Cat. Spim was a cat that was with Jay for years - while we were roommates and was Rain Station's official mascot. I recorded a CD about Spim - "Songs for Spim" - some songs were for that CD specifically while others made it onto the CD based on subject matter (or Spim meowing on the track). When I lived with Spim it was always fun to record with mics since you'd never know when she'd sing along. She loved the recording process and would spend her time sitting by me when I'd record music. She appreciated the arts.

Spim LOVED plastic and back then Jay and I would drink a decent amount of Snapple (back when it came in glass bottles with the plastic ring around the top).  We'd peel off the plastic and toss it on the ground and Spim would gnaw on the plastic until it was a heap.
I know Jay misses her. I miss her as well. I don't know that there will be another cat like her. I like to think that she's out there in the kitty spirit world watching over Jay and I, enjoying our music...liking good music.

Enjoy the music and give your pets a hug.  They need lovin' too.

Mark Harvey
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