Friday, February 17, 2012

Door To Door

Good evening friends,

Today I spent the day with a Rain Station only iTunes play list in an effort to boost my spirits. With the pressures of life I don't often get to do what I'd like to do and right now what I want to do most is record music. Jay and I have been in contact a few times since he's moved to the Philippines. The combination of my longing to do music with Jay and the distance he is across the Pacific Ocean has gotten me a bit blue.

So although listening to Rain Station made me a little melancholy it also reinvigorated me towards getting some more mopehead tracks done (I have two in the hopper and if you haven't heard "Take Your Time" check it out).

So tonight I'm posting "Door To Door" off Rain Station's "Underground" album. This is the last project Jay and I worked on before he headed to Southeast Asia.  I've received some good feedback on this song.  What do you think?

Hopefully you enjoy the track and I wish you and yours a wonderful weekend!

Mark Harvey
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