Thursday, February 09, 2012


Good evening friends and fiends,

I know it is only February, but tonight feels like the perfect time to unleash some 'HauntScapes' on you. Tonight's featured song is "Rites" from my "Pumpkinland III" 'HauntScape'.

From Rue Morgue Magazine -
"For Pumpkinland III, Harvey tinkers with his formula and ends up drawing a troubled musical soundscape, plagued by unsettling noises. He gets close on Rites and hits the mark on Nocturne and on Graveyard. The CD has an even flow to it and is easily the best in the series. Again, more suited for haunted attractions, but the few truly cold blooded readers out there might enjoy putting this on a Saturday morning."

So let me ask YOU...did I get "close" or did I nail it?  Hmmm...

Mark Harvey
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