Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rain Station albums NOW on iTunes, Amazon...

Good evening everyone,

Well, I finally did it.  I bit the (financial) bullet and got a bunch of Rain Station CDs up on iTunes, Amazon and other online merchants.
Digital downloads is the way to go and I hope that folks will unwittingly stumble upon the music, listen, like it and buy it.  I feel really good about making this happen and soon enough I'm sure I'll do the same for my mopehead albums as well as my Halloween 'HauntScapes' (Pumpkinland I, II and III).
For now, go check out the music - tell your friends, neighbors, music lovers, lovers, whoever about this.  Of course, it isn't like this music hasn't already been available for digital download, but I think having some new venues for the music certainly can't hurt.
Rain Station - we want to be EVERYWHERE! Put us on your iPod! Play us day and night! We want to share your life with you.

Rain Station - we love you...

OK, enough...
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