Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Life And Times at the Cafe du Nord

Greetings friends and fiends,

Last night I saw The Life And Times at the Cafe du Nord. I'm still in awe as I write this...

Years ago I was turned onto The Life And Times by a fellow musician and friend. I instantly picked up every one of their albums (which is typically what I do when I find a band I really like). I had hoped they'd come to the Bay Area, but had heard they rarely did as crossing the Sierra Nevada is tough for a touring band. So I waited...
When they announced their tour in support of "No One Loves You Like I Do" I was very happy to see that not only were they coming to play San Francisco, but at the Cafe du Nord. Seeing a show on a Monday night isn't the easiest thing (I get up at 4:30 am each morning),but how in the world could I miss seeing these guys?
Upon arriving I picked up a t-shirt (gotta support the bands by purchasing merch).
The opening act was Time Spent Driving from Santa Cruz, CA.They played a very solid set. Bands like Time Spent Driving make me glad I get to shows early. They evidently haven't had a show in quite some time, but it didn't show. They mentioned an upcoming show in Santa Cruz so I'll be following them online to see when their next gig is. I'd like to see them again.
The Life And Times was up next. All I could think about when they were playing is how HUGE they sound. A three piece band isn't supposed to sound this big, right? Chris Metcalf is a monster behind the drums - solid, heavy and quite possibly one of the best drummers I've heard (and THAT is saying something) and with Eric Abert on bass they proved to be one hell of a rhythm section. Allen Epley's guitars, vocals, keyboards and assorted effects made for a dreamy wall of sound - a perfect cacophony that I can't seem to get enough of.
They played tracks from multiple albums and quite a bit of "No One Loves You Like I Do". I wanted more even though they played an incredible set. I could've watched this guys for hours.

I wish I could get down to San Diego to see these guys tonight. I'm telling you, if you are ANYWHERE near where these guys are playing... GO SEE THEM! Here is their tour schedule. I hope they make it back to the Bay Area. A band this incredible doesn't come along that often.
Check out some of their videos...you'll be a fan...

Find them on Facebook, MySpace, watch them on Guitar World or on Altpress.

They are HUGE and should be  playing the largest venues out there.  I feel fortunate to have seen them in a small venue.  After the show I greeted Allen and passed along a greeting from my friend, Chris Frey.  These guys are something truly special.  Buy their music - merch and go see them live.

You'll be glad you did...

Mark Harvey
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