Monday, December 19, 2011

The Screaming Paisleys LIVE on KSCU

Greetings friends,

As the Holiday season RAGES on I find myself blogging less and less (even though I have the best intentions). What snapped me out of my Holiday fervor was a VERY nice gift that came in the mail for me. A gentleman by the name of Jonathan Bell got in touch with me..."I was a big fan of your band The Screaming Paisleys. I saw you perform a few times at the Pony Express and at the Omni, and I still have your LP. Anyway, I was going through some old cassettes and came across a recording of The Screaming Paisleys live on KSCU that I recorded off the airwaves. I'm sure you have a lot of old cool recordings, but if you are missing this one and are interested I can send you copy - it's already digitized.
I'm checking out your other projects now. I always thought you had a really cool guitar sound.
Okay, take care and stay creative"
Needless to say I was ecstatic! Somewhere in my things I think (I THINK) I may have some live recordings of The Screaming Paisleys, but who knows.  Then out of the blue here comes a LIVE CD of The Screaming Paisleys with songs on it that weren't recorded in the studio, something I think about often (all the bands, all the songs never recorded).
Anyhow, I've put it all up on Bandcamp (here) for you to hear.  The vocals are PAINFULLY hard to listen to and I have had a hard time getting around that, but musically it is fun to hear the band live again.  So (at your own risk) enjoy The Screaming Paisleys LIVE from KSCU studios in Santa Clara, CA.
So...Have a listen below - drop a line - and Happy Holidays!


Mark Harvey
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