Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Music - HAVE A LISTEN!

Happy Halloween!!!

Put some time into creating the right atmos-fear with SOUND.
If you are in need - guess what?  I've GOT what you need.  Have a listen - it doesn't cost anything and you can download the music fast and easy or you can just turn up your computer speakers and stream these CDs for free. Of course, if you like the tracks you can always download 'em (you know I'll appreciate that).
Pumpkinland is the original "hauntscape" I recorded back in 1999 for my first home haunt

Pumpkinland II followed in 2000 and was recorded due to the incredible success I had with the original "hauntscape".

Pumpkinland III was recorded in 2001 and was recorded to complete the trilogy.

Each Pumpkinland Halloween "Hauntscape" can be downloaded for $10 each.  Money well spent.

Check 'em out and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Mark Harvey

Halloween Safety Tips

Just a quick post...Halloween safety...

Have fun!

Mark Harvey
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