Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween is Topsy

Happy Haunting!

Mark Harvey

Restless Season

October is a restless season. Shaking out the laze of Summer. Things need to be done before Winter takes hold even here in Northern California. The year is nearly over. It is time to think about what has been accomplished - or not accomplished this year. There's still time to remedy.

Taking in the light, the colors, the smells and the sounds. October really begins the Fall/Autumn for me. When the weather finally changes and the leaves have fallen I feel a peace...when I pause. I don't pause enough. Nonetheless I prepare for Halloween. I am compelled to see, to do, to shop and (maybe) purchase as much as I can as I know I have a mere few days to enjoy what I love so much. Perhaps I am not restless. I just want a few more days. I just want to put life on pause while I enjoy the carnival - the fair - the amusement park a little longer. With each passing year it gets harder and harder to slow down - decorate - and enjoy this season. Can't I put the world on pause every October so I can gently navigate this world I love so much?  Unfortunately, I can't...the world is a restless place and it pushes and pulls until I keep up with the pace.

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Mark Harvey

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