Monday, August 22, 2011

Jay E Moores...artist

Good evening,

I started this posting back on July 1st and here we are...August 22nd and I am FINALLY getting this one done. The Summer months just flew past me, but better late than never.

Today I'm just going to post some links...links you really should check out...
Jay Moores is my buddy - I've known him for a VERY long time.  We're band mates, been roommates and he's my best friend.
Here's a write up of Jay's toys - check it out!

And here is a fantastic interview with Jay - read all about it!

I cannot recommend Jay's toys enough....they are handmade - fun and fantastic.  If you don't collect toys you will after you get your hands on some of Jay's toys.  Believe me.  I promise. Do it!

OK, I'm off to blog about about 'em at the NorCal Beer Blog.

See ya next time....

Mark Harvey


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