Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Drew Andrews

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A few years ago my buddy Brian and I were on a mission and we saw Adam Franklin three times in one year - once with Swervedriver, once solo and once with Magnetic Morning.  Opening for Adam (the Magnetic Morning show at The Independent) was Drew Andrews.  Although I was a fan of The Album Leaf I didn't put two and two together and didn't realize until later that Drew is the guitarist from The Album Leaf.  I wrote about the show here.
Drew's set was exceptional and I immediately was drawn to his music.
I purchased Drew's album at the show, "Only Mirrors" based on his set and it is still one of my favorite albums of all time. There's something about Drew's music that resonates with me.  It has a familiarity that is eerie. I cannot suggest his music enough.  I just purchased his "Playing Birthday Games" EP off iTunes (which is something I NEVER do - purchasing music off iTunes).  I'm a tangible sort of guy so I still like buying CDs and storing them (which honestly makes no sense).
The song below is called Cairo, and it is from his forthcoming album, 63 Psychic States. This song features the vocals of ex-Dirty Projectors vocalist, Susanna Waiche. I am eagerly awaiting its release.

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"Guitarist from The Album Leaf and co-founder of Via Satellite debuts his first solo album. An absorbing and atmospheric record featuring soft and intricate guitar, synthesizers, and Andrews' feathery vocals floating above it all. Contributors include members of The Album Leaf and The Black Heart Procession."

Check out Drew Andrews. I think you'll be glad you did.

Mark Harvey

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