Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 28th...Andy Z...

As we draw closer to Halloween I thought I would post some videos done by a friend of mine, Andy Z. 

I've known Andy for years.  He's a talented songwriter, musician and singer.  Years back when I heard Andy was writing music for kids I thought it was brilliant.  Andy's enthusiasm is infectious and his CD "Pockets" is one of the CDs my kids request to listen to most.  Andy's music keeps parents listening and kids singing and dancing.  He's amazing!

Andy Z really should have his own TV show.  He is WORLDS better than what's out there.  I'm just hoping that some day I can lend a hand, a puppet or a voice to Andyland.

Here are some Halloween videos for you to check out.  Support independent artists like Andy Z!

Punkin' Patch by Andy Z & The Beeheads

Learn With Andy Z- Halloween, Part 1

Learn With Andy Z- Halloween, Part 2

Learn With Andy Z- Halloween, Part 3

Buy all of Andy Z's CDs!!!

Mark Harvey

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