Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 24th...REALLY?

Greetings blog readers and Halloween enthusiasts,

So I recently was made aware of this link (here).  The title of the story is..."Yard Haunters: Pathetic Shut-Ins and Sex Offenders".  Now, I take great offense to this - yet - in reading this blog I figure it MUST be satire.

As a Father of three kids I intend on teaching them Halloween MY WAY.  I'm no Bible thumper, but I do have deep religious beliefs.  I believe one can be spiritual AND celebrate Halloween.  I believe that one should not judge others lest you be judged.  Not everyone celebrates Halloween the same way - or my way.  I'm teaching my kids right from wrong - keeping a close eye on them.  I enjoy the fun and frivolity of Halloween.  I'm not into horror, blood or gore.  That's OK for some, but with young kids around I'd rather have them feel safe and look at Halloween as a fun time to dress up and pretend.  It is a creative holiday.  Nothing wrong with that.

Click the link (here again)...have a read...get mad and then realize it is all pretend...or is it?

Enjoy this track and if you hate Halloween...PLAY IT TWICE AS LOUD!

Mark Harvey
NOT a pathetic shut-in sex offender

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