Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18th...FREE MP3...

Happy Monday!  It is hard to believe it is October 18th...this month is REALLY racing by.
So, what are you planning on being for Halloween?  Are you dressing up for work or school or are you only getting dressed up on Halloween? 

Yesterday my wife and I spent some time in Hancock Fabrics looking at patterns for costumes.  She typically won't purchase costumes and prefers to make them.  The quality is so much better and since she's got the sewing skill set, why not?  Part of our family is "themed" - the baby girl will be Tinkerbell, my boy will be Peter Pan and my oldest girl will be Wendy.  My son has been telling everyone that I'm going to be Captain Hook, but I don't really want to be Hook.  When looking at patterns yesterday we figured we'd need SO much to make a Hook costume that it could cost upwards of $200+ just to get the jacket right.  That's some serious dough for something I have no interest in being.  So it looks like my wife and I will be vampires.  I always prefer being a vampire at Halloween.  It is always my go to creature.

While we were out shopping yesterday I picked up a vampire costume for my son.  I couldn't resist.  He spent the evening running around the house claiming to be a vampire.  It could take some doing to get him into his Peter Pan costume.


I'm sure he'll be like is Daddy...creatures of the night are much more fun.

I've decided to get really vampired out this year.  I purchased some special effect contact lenses.

Hopefully they won't mess with my Lasik surgery I had.  My eye doctor is going to check on me to make sure I'm good to wear them for an extended period of time.

I ordered some fangs from Dental Distortions (here). I'm really looking forward to getting the fangs and contact lenses to see how things turn out.  This stuff sure beats what we had available when I was a kid.

Speaking of's a FREE MP3 for everyone - a fitting track for today's blog - "Mark of the Vampire" by MITCH - my rock alter-ego....

Click here to download the FREE track.  The link below is from Bandcamp and will let you have a listen to the track before you download it.

Enjoy the FREE track and drop me a comment.  I'd like to hear about your costume plans.

Mark Harvey

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