Wednesday, September 01, 2010

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Greetings and salutations everyone...

Music is always a great reason to blog. My hiatus from blogging has been broken by a renewed sense of sharing music - Rain Station, mopehead, Hoagie Malone and others on the Nobody Records label.
Today I share with you a song written about me by my friend Jay E. Moores, aka Hoagie Malone. This track is taken from Hoagie's "My Friends Are All Jerks" project. Fortunately the track he wrote for me doesn't paint me as a jerk (thanks Jay!), but rather is a lamenting song about my life and how music uplifts me. Jay wishes for me a life where I can record music all day, but considering I have a family to support...well, that's going to take some doing...gotta pay the bills you see. Perhaps he will comment on this post and give us an inside look into the making of this track. Click here to download it.

This taken from Jay's Superfantasticultra site (in his own words):

"I had to do one more show before I packed up my microphone and headed east for the summer. I’m leaving my bay side California studio and it’s off to the cabin on the lake in Maine. Me, Mrs. Malone, and Baby Hoagie will be farming, gardening, and boating all summer getting in some grandma and grandpa time back on the farm.
This is my latest recording project called, My Friends Are All Jerks. I thought this was really funny back when I did it, but it’s not as funny to me now. I have decided to share it with you anyway, and let you decide. The My Friends Are All Jerks Project came from an idea where I write songs that rip on my friends, then post them on myspace. Once I did that, I simply invited my friends to “be my friend” on myspace, and when they check out my profile, there’s a song about them waiting right on my profile. It did get a few laughs, emails, and phone calls.
The whole thing was a sort of practical joke on my friends, and I’m sure you have loved ones in your life that bug the hell out of you, so you can relate. Once I had the idea to write a series of annoying songs about my closest friends, I just had to do it. The idea was so funny to me. This project had me laughing for days, just coming up with it. I’m very motivated by mischief.
Thanks to everyone that listens to our SuperFan Show, enjoy your summer. Hoagie"
Well, that's it for the track and enjoy!

Mark Harvey (and his 3rd Eye)

Click here if you want to download the track.

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