Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DC Cemetery

Holy heck! We're ten days out now! And with ten days to go I am veering off from music to talk a little bit about my friend, Brent Ross, who runs the DC Cemetery in Mountain View, CA. In "his" words..."The DC Cemetery is a "home haunt" that resides in the heart of the Old Mountain View neighborhood that is designed with the residents of Mountain View and its surrounding communities in mind. Over the years we've concocted a haunt that is fun and bone chilling for all age groups. We also like to think that our efforts aid in the progression of Halloween, and hopefully our actions will spread onto others, so they too can provide a safe element for all kids (and adults) to enjoy.
The DC Cemetery has recently become one of the most elaborate and complex haunted house displays in America, gaining consistent media attention and in 2007 nationwide exposure. The haunt is so elaborate that they were the winners of’s 2007 Scariest Home Haunted House contest, flown to New York City, and presented with a $50,000.00 check live on NBC’s Today Show."

I've linked to some YouTube videos here at Mark Harvey World for you to check out the place and if you're anywhere near Mountain View on Halloween you really owe it to yourself to check his place out. Brent is a genius and a master at his craft as well as a really good guy. Click here for more information.

Check it out!

I recorded the voice of the Reaper guy as well as some other tracks for Brent.

DC Props Promo from 2006

DC Cemetery Episode on's Route 666

DC Cemetery on HGTV

Haunted House - Americas Scariest - DC Cemetery

DC Cemetery on NBC's Today Show - Americas Scariest Haunted

Happy Haunting!

Mark Harvey

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